one in 5

stories about people with disabilities


What does “One in 5" mean?

According to census statistics, one out of every five Americans (20%) have a disability of some kind.  These are their stories.

Why does this matter?

Disability doesn’t necessarily refer exclusively to your elders anymore.  Disability culture is a vibrant culture, and like with other minority cultures, it deserves mainstream exposure.

Are these people who tell their stories heroes? Exceptional?  Praise-worthy?

Mainstream culture tends to classify people with disabilities who are seemingly “high-functioning” as heroes, almost “superhuman.”  Most people with disabilities who achieve more than what is “expected” are merely combatting prejudicial assumptions.

Should I feel bad about these people and their situation in life?

Although life with a disability isn’t always easy or convenient, it is (or becomes) ordinary day-to-day life to the person in question.  Everyone struggles, even members of the mainstream population.  Like there are people who hate their hair color or career choices, there are people with disabilities who are unsuccessful at integrating their identity as a person with a disability.  On the other hand, so many people with disabilities do successfully accept their disability and have moved on to the more exciting parts of life, like sports, arts, activism, or any of the other parts of life that make living so interesting.  Well-adjusted people with disabilities are not seeking your pity.


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